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Morris Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner Morris Powder

Morris Clean Multi-Purpose Cleaner Morris Powder

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At last, there is a brand new cleaner that replaces every existing cleaning product in today’s market, introducing the revolutionary Morris Clean. Simply ONE SINGLE PRODUCT 100’S OF USES.

Just add one 4g sachet of Morris Clean into a spray bottle and fill with water and Morris Powder transforms into a highly effective grease busting, stain neutralizing, a cost-effective cleaning product that will not only match and beat your current products but, will be more efficient and astonishingly very cost effective. Simply spray Morris Clean on any surface and you will be amazed how effectively Morris Powder cuts through the toughest of grease and grime.

Morris Clean once diluted with water, becomes unbelievably effective grease busting, dirt destroying all-purpose cleaning product that will literally replace 95% of your household, workplace and speciality cleaners. Why buy ten different cleaning products when you can have one single product in Morris clean that will tackle all your cleaning tasks. In fact, one compact container of Morris Clean is effectively one year’s supply of cleaning products for the average home. The simplicity of Morris Clean makes I, a must to use: – in your home or place of work, in or on your vehicle, even on marine boats or aircraft, and – especially in industrial and commercial premises.

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