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At, last a new cleaning product has arrived that will replace all cleaning products in its class. I know what you‘re thinking it sounds too good to be true? However, this is not a bold statement and the product I am talking about, is a revolutionary new kind of powder that once mixed with water becomes a super cleaner, removing the toughest of grease and grime, yet safe around you, your family, animals and our planet too. What’s more, this new product is less expensive than the toxic products you are using in your home, at your place of work and when cleaning motorised vehicles, boats, caravans and aircraft.

It will Clean Everything Safely

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In, this article I am going to look at four key areas that constantly need cleaning. These areas are in your home and on your vehicles. I am particular putting emphases on why would you go to the expense of buying at least 10 different cleaning products when all you need is Morris Clean? Especially by switching to Morris Clean, you will be actually saving money, storage space and helping the planet too. Contact US

Replace at least 5 Kitchen Cleaning Products

As a chef I know how hard it is to keep on top of Kitchen especially when cleaning, In the past I had to use so many products which included surface cleaners for worktops and appliances. Highly toxic and corrosive oven and grease cleaners and so on. Another factor that people really don’t consider is. Are anti-bacterial cleaners food safe? The answer is No!! You still need to rinse the surface with clean water to remove the toxic residue. So by using Morris Clean it makes complete sense by replacing all kitchen cleaning products and the peace of mind of being completely food safe.

Save on Even More Bathroom Cleaners

When it comes to bathroom cleaning, you have to consider so many factors. For starters most people need to deal with hard water in the form of lime scale. Lime scale attacks everything, glass, ceramic, stainless steel and so on. Then you need to deal with soap scum build-up, blocked sinks, windows mirrors and chrome. Now if all those were not bad enough you have to combat mold and mildew that attack paintwork, floors and grout. Morris Clean tackles all the above problems eliminating the need for a multitude of unessarsary bathroom cleaning products. Contact Us

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Any Cleaning Emergency No Problem!

How many times have you experienced an accident and spilt wine, coffee even food on carpets, a sofa and clothing? Do you carry a stain and carpet cleaner under your sink? If you don‘t, the chances are by the time you buy one, the stain will probably not come out completely. However, with Morris Clean it really will come to your aid and will replace the need for additional expensive specialise cleaning products.

One Product Replaces 101 products

Are you a car lover? Do you have a caravan, truck or even aircraft? Well you know how expensive cleaning products are to maintain your vehicles! By the time you have finished purchasing all the different cleaners, you might feel that it would be more cost effective to get someone else to clean it. Especially when you factor in cleaning time. That is where Morris Clean makes a difference and will replace all those costly cleaning products. Morris Clean safe to use on all surfaces, including metals, plastics, paintwork and gelcoats.

Whether you’re looking for a new product that will be as efficient and in most cases more efficient than your current cleaning products. A new cleaner that saves money and helps with the environmental impact then why not give us a try? Because….


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New Product Announcement 2019 An Innovation in Technology changing the face of safe cleaning in the environment. If you would like to Start an ECO Business with either Morris Clean or a private label using Morris Powder? We would love to hear from you. Please contact us