Brand New Innovations Morris Powder

Who are We?

Introducing a Brand New Innovations Morris Powder. Morris Clean is a British owned company who supply a single hygiene and cleaning product with a difference! Our Managing Director, James Morris invented this remarkable cleaning product known as MORRIS’S POWDER and has over 18 years experience and learning in the Hygiene & Cleaning Industry. James worked as an executive chef & hotel manager for over 25 years and recognises the difficulties presented to businesses when it comes to sourcing quality, safe products which are both environmentally friendly and economically viable.

Our company ethos is simple ‘to supply and provide high quality cleaning products which are safe, economic and environmentally friendly, thereby presenting our customers with a way to reduce waste management costs and control the use of products for no extra cost or damage to the environment.’

Environmental Issues

All of us on this planet have been entrusted with the responsibility to make our air cleaner, our water purer, and our land better protected for our children and grand children. As the creator of this revolutionary product we take this obligation seriously…because each week, millions of tons of toxic cleaning products are being washed down the drains and millions of tons of plastic are being manufactured to facilitate the provision of these chemicals and to what cost?

The environmental consequences of this are frightening. That’s because just about every popular cleaner used these days contains caustic, even toxic chemicals; compounds which biodegrade slowly and incompletely. Furthermore, these cleaners typically contain volatile organic compounds that deplete the ozone layer.

So how are we different?

Morris’s Powder comes in a unique sachet form and is packed in a light, compact recyclable box which saves on storage space. The sachet form provides a simple and effective way to control the amounts of cleaning products used on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Morris Powder, Morris Clean

Morris’s Powder different from other cleaners?

Morris’s Powder began over 15 years ago as a concentrated, non-toxic and biodegradable cleaner long before it was trendy or mandated by law for products to be “environmentally friendly.” Morris’s powder contains no ammonias, bleach or caustic and is non toxic, non corrosive, biodegradable, even the packaging is recyclable.

Super Concentrated, User & Eco-Friendly

As a concentrate, Morris’s Powder is more economical, versatile and uses less packaging than any other cleaning products. Morris’s Powder, once diluted with water, can be used on practically any surface and involves only one dilutions.  (Please see instruction page

Non-Toxic & Readily Biodegradable:

Check the labels for other cleaning products. Very few will say “Non-Toxic” on the label. Morris’s Powder is the safer alternative to toxic cleaners, solvents and bleaches. Morris’s Powder is more responsible to you, and your environment. Morris’s Powder is readily decomposed in the environment by naturally occurring micro organisms and is biodegradable.

Morris Powder Ingredients

Morris’s is a blend of water, surfactant (surface-active) agents, wetting agents, emulsifiers. The ingredients in Morris’s Powder consist of surfactant agents that lift grease and oil up off of the surface, wetting agents help Morris’s Powder penetrate soils, and emulsifiers put those soils into solution so that they can be washed away.

If you decide to produce your own private label we also can add any colour and smell to the powder.

We are very excited about our new single product that can replace 95% of household and specialty cleaning products in today’s markets and are already supplying customers in Ireland, United Kingdom, United States and Thailand to mention a few.

All our clients are happy that they are saving money and don’t have the costs of recycling plastic containers, who in turn have exact control on the amount of product used by their workforce, with the bonus of using a non toxic, biodegradable, 100% recyclable cost-effective product!

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