New Product Announcement 2019 Morris Clean


Do you Fancy owning a business that gives peace of mind? A product that is 100% safe, around people, animals, and the environment too? A single product that is so efficient, it will replace almost every cleaning product, in the marketplace today?

Would you like to own a product cheap to produce? A product that has financial advantages, on the toxic supermarket and branded cleaning products? If the answer is yes, and you would like to make a difference, then let me tell you about the revolutionary Morris Clean.

So What Is Morris Clean?

Morris Clean is an all-purpose cleaning powder that is packaged into small 4 gram packets. One box of 10 packets is enough cleaning product to last the average household a whole year. Saving vasts amounts of money

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The small packaging of Morris Clean creates storage space by reducing the many products to clean your home, cars and business. In addition, our single cleaner cuts down on recycling waste and transport costs. Leaving a greener footprint.

So what is the power behind Morris Clean? Morris Clean is a super formulated powder, that once mixed with water will tackle the filthiest of dirt, staining, grease and grime.

About us. Morris Clean UK Ltd is based in London and has another distribution net work in Bangkok Thailand. We are now looking for two types of entrepreneurs. Morris Clean distributores and agents. In addition we have decided to allow private labelling of the powder. If you would like to know more information regarding this once in a lifetime opportunity please drop us a line. We would really love to talk with you.