New Product for Private Label 2020

The most pressing questions interested people are asking us are:

  • Can I really start a business FOR £997.00 and make at least a 300% return on investment? 
  • Is Morris Clean UK Ltd truly going to support me with everything I need to set up in business?
  • And are they really going to help me by supplying DOUBLE the quantity of product with my opening order even if I do not sign a renewable annual contract?


The answers to all the above questions is a resounding “YES”! And as you’ve arrived on our special promotion page, you are obviously considering starting a new business venture. We are certain that marketing “Morris Clean” brand in your country or region is the best choice you could make.

Option 1 Agents Package

Yes, our NEW low investment entry level Eco-Business opportunity package is yours for just an astonishing £997.00. Your investment will return you an awesome gross profit of £4027.50. YES! a Wopping 322%. More Info

And your investment is well and truly covered because we have DOUBLED THE PRODUCT you receive under this limited time offer, which means you are guaranteed to cover your investment as soon as you sell just HALF the sachets you receive under this promotion. (BUY NOW)

No Contracts

No contract required even for ongoing purchases, with no targets to be achived over the following 12 months. We are effectively giving you a “free” trial period with a fully protected investment covered by dobule the usual amount of product. Yes! with this offer we have increased the amount of product you would normally recieve.

Furthermore, if you are the first one in your country to purchase one of these packages, by default you will have first option to upgrade to the Exclusive Distributor Rights for your country (but these details will only be released once you have purchased your £997.00 package).(BUY NOW)


We know you may still be sceptical, that’s understandable, but you don’t need to be because you can see that the initial investment you make to start your Eco-Business is more than covered by the value of the stock you will receive.

But you do need to ACT quickly! We are only offering a LIMITED number of these special, low investment “Start Your Own Eco-Business for £997.00” packages. so it will definitely be “first in, best dressed”!


Interested? Please Contact us.

Due to a high demand we only have a couple more introductory double the value offers available. To find out more please send us some brief details below. All enquiries will be kept in the strictest confidence.






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