Private Label & Morris Powder Branding

I have designed the Morris Powder business concept to give an almost instant return on investment. If you follow our proven methods and accept our full-time assistance to get you off to a fast start, you should recoup your investment within two – four months, and turn a profit well before the end of your first six months!

Most start-up businesses can take between two to five years to turn a profit but we have a proven methodology, that we will bring to your new business to ensure that you recoup your investment quickly.

We will work with you in your region, state or country to train you, your leaders and your sales teams, open new customer accounts and build your client base for you, so that by the end of four weeks you will know all you need to know to implement the Morris Powder business.

What other new business opportunity do you know of in today’s marketplace that offers you that rock solid opportunity? This is not a “get rich quick” scheme, and it is hard work, just like anything else in life at which you wish to be successful.

If you follow our proven plan there is virtually NO RISK to you, the investor which means that this opportunity probably has to be “the opportunity of a lifetime”.

Most start-up businesses fail within the first one – five years because they don’t get the basics in place right from the beginning. We take away that risk for you.

The key to your success, is in our proven hands.  We don’t just take your money, deliver your opening stock and leave you with all the marketing, sales, promotional and training materials.

We come to your location, hold your hand through the first four weeks as we train you and your staff in everything from product knowledge through to specific, proven sales techniques for this amazing, unique product.

What does this mean to you?

With our proven methods, You will have your initial investment back within six months. We do not know of any other business opportunity, anywhere in the world, that offers such a guarantee.

Within fourteen days of you signing your Agreement and us receiving your payment we will arrive at your door with an advance portion of product and begin to pre-sell your first shipment into your local market using our proven sales methods.

We will prvide step by step training showing you and your sales team how to sell the product into industrial factories, retail outlets, hotels, restaurants and many other business segments.

Therefore, you will begin to recoup your investment within the first fourteen days of outlaying just part of your total commitment.

We will spend four full weeks with you, ensuring that when we leave, you will know all you need to know to expand your new business as quickly as you can train new sales teams.  (If you would like to engage our services for longer than four  weeks, we even have a proven plan on how that can be an effective WIN / WIN for both parties).

At the end of the four weeks we will leave you with an existing client base and a substantial re-order business, plus you will have all the training and tools necessary to carry on growing the business on your own.

But remember, we will always be at the end of a telephone (or e-mail) if you do suddenly have any further questions.

We also set your business up with a promotional video website fully hosted for 2 years, and a personalised sales video training programme.

Morris Powder Verses Private label!

By the way, we have no qualms at all if you would prefer to use a different name for the product in your region.  We can even change the colour and the scent if you wish, but because of our many years of improving the product and bringing it to its current proven formula, we strongly urge you to keep it as it is.

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